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Check the OFSC Interactive Trail Guide for Current Conditions.


Hope everybody was able to get their permits today. The OFSC counter says there are 2 more days to get $197.50 permits.

The Tri-Town Sno Travellers regular monthly meeting is tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 7:30 at the Groomer Shelter. As usual all are welcome.

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The OFSC permit site is really working now. We just bought about 7 permits. Please check your account before purchasing any. If you already show as having a permit, don't buy any more.

The price is still $197.50. Don't know if we got 2 days reprieve or more so go ahead and get your permits now. Takes less than 2 minutes if your sleds are already in the system,.

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Our next Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday March 1, 7:30pm at the groomer shelter.