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Tuesday October 6, 2015

Early season trail permits are now on sale at

$187.50 if purchased before November 1.


Permits are now on sale for $187.50 online.

Our next meeting is tomorrow evening (Wednesday Oct 7) at the Groomer Shelter at 7:30. We will be planning for the upcoming year. There will be an update on the OFSC AGM and volunteer work will start to be scheduled. All are welcome - you will not be put on any committees just for showing up.

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Just back from the OFSC AGM. Permit prices are going to be the same as last year.
$180 ($7.50) between Oct 1 and Oct 31 online
$210 whether online or not between Nov 1 and Dec 4.
$260 after Dec. 4. If this is purchased online after Dec. 4 a 2 week temporary permit can be printed out so there is no waiting time to ride.

Next year all permit sales will be online

There is a new multi day permit to replace the 3 and 7 day permits. It is now $25 / day with a minimum 2 day permit. This permit is only available online.

We will be having a meeting soon to discuss future groomer options as well as trail work to be done this year before the trails open.

Let us know if you are available to volunteer to help put up signs this fall.

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Our next General Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday October 7, 7:30pm at the groomer shelter.