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Just back from the OFSC AGM in Markham. It looks like we will still be joining the North Bay distinct but not until the spring of 2018. We will still be an active part of TATA until then. TATA is scheduled to be fully dismantled in the spring with the other clubs either joining Cochrane or Sudbury.

TATA will be getting two new groomers and one of ours is slated for retirement. We are likely to get a newer groomer but not a new one to replace the 2000 model. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

It appears that permits are going up by $10 this year. They will go on sale for $197.50 on October 1 and will go up to $220 (I think) in November and $270 in December.

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We had 7 people show up to work on the bridge on Saturday. We were able to get all of the work done by noon. We still need to completely redeck the bridge within a few years but this should last us until funding is available. The photos show
1 The bridge before any work
2 the crew working on the bridge - Harold was taking the picture
3 the bridge after the work was done.

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Our next Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday March 1, 7:30pm at the groomer shelter.