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Tuesday October 18

Trail permits are currently on sale on the OFSC Page

There will be help sessions held at Ramsay Law Office - Tuesday October 25, 5pm - 7pm - Thursday October 27, 5pm - 7pm - and Saturday October 29, 9am to noon for those having issues getting their permit or who don't have internet access.

Bring your ownership with you please. We cannot sell a permit without a VIN right now.

If your new sled hasn't arrived yet we can likely still do something for you.


Bad news for the A Trail south of Latchford. It won't open until more cold and snow. The guys worked hard all day Thursday to get it ready but we have had to decide not to open. The plowed portion of the trail south of the Net Creek bridge is bare for 2 km and the slush on Bay Lake is too deep to send riders out.

Too bad because we all want to try out the new trail across the new dam.

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That 1st picture just posted is not an orange bear. It is our fearless president climbing a great big snow drift looking for the new Quebec Trail. ...

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Our next Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday November 2, 7:30pm at the groomer shelter.