Due to the rapidly deteriorating conditions we've stopped grooming operations and closed Bay Lake and Lake Temiskaming crossings. Expect our trails to close soon.

Check the Trails Page for more information on our trails.

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Wednesday Mar 9, 2016

With the recent warm weather and rain we've begun to wrap up for the season.

The season was late to get started but made up for it with excellent riding in February. We'd like to thank all our landowners, volunteers, and sponsors who make our trails possible.


Although you wouldn't know it by looking outside right now the snowy season is winding down. The only official item left on the Sno Travellers agenda is the Annual General Meeting scheduled for April 27 at 7:30 at the shelter. This is not an election year so the executive and the board of directors will remain the same.
Bill Ramsay President
Harold Burris Vice President
Lisette Gauthier Treasurer
Robin Pascoe Secretary
Marcel Gauthier
Tom Green
Bill Terentiuk
Crystal Pascoe
Dale Bowers
This is a full slate and we only have 10 directors when the position of past-president is filled the year after a president resigns (they never seem to get voted out)

We are hoping to have Sean Mackey come speak to us at the AGM about snowmobile tourism. He is the manager of the Quality Inn, Econolodge, Holiday Inn Express and the Waterfron Inn.

The OFSC executive was supposed to come speak to the district clubs on May 1 to find out more about the More on the Snow initiative but this has been postponed. Once we have heard from them we will post an update on the page.

Have a good summer and remember the lines from the song "Money can't buy me happiness, but it can buy me a boat." A nice boat helps you get through the long summer months.

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Looks like we are going to get some snow tomorrow. No, we aren't going to open any trails but here is a riding suggestion

The Roosevelt Road should be lots of fun. It is a public road so you can ride on it even if it is no longer available as an OFSC trail. You'll have to trailer down to Latchford because parts of the A Trail are in really bad shape since they have been plowed and Bay Lake isn't safe where the trail crosses the mouth of the dam - if we get the snow you would not be able to tell if it is thin ice. There won't be any signs marking rail crossings or corners - remember you are riding at your own risk.

Don't know if the Red Squirrel has been plowed but it would be the good if not plowed Yesterday it looked poorly plowed so if we get the 10 - 15 cm of snow it might be fun.

Trails are still available from Timmins and Iroquois Falls north. Yellow means that they are not perfect, there might be some washouts but they are overall still fun to ride - just use extra caution.

Have a happy Easter.

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Our next Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday March 2, 7:30pm at the groomer shelter.