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Tuesday October 18

Trail permits are currently on sale on the OFSC Page

There will be help sessions held at Ramsay Law Office - Tuesday October 25, 5pm - 7pm - Thursday October 27, 5pm - 7pm - and Saturday October 29, 9am to noon for those having issues getting their permit or who don't have internet access.

Bring your ownership with you please. We cannot sell a permit without a VIN right now.

If your new sled hasn't arrived yet we can likely still do something for you.


In many of the pictures we just posted we are using the new gas powered post pounder. We got it from Deer Fence Canada. So far it has been great. Starts easily and runs great. Easy to haul on an ATV or in a truck - not sure that it will haul as well on a sled since the engine will likely fill up with snow but they guys may make a box for it to go in the back of the widetrack. You need a step ladder of some kind to get up high enough for 8 foot stakes - we bought an aluminum . Make sure you wear ear protection. They are a little expensive but we got a grant to cover $1,000 of it.

The whole area we were in was very rocky and it often managed to wiggle the post through the rocks that we would never have been able to do by hand.

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Some photos from trail work over the last few weeks and some moose tracks. ...

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Our next Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday November 2, 7:30pm at the groomer shelter.